In the waiting . . .


Thinking there is a future –
because each day past
once was –
I can’t help but hope
to find you.

I cannot believe,
or perhaps refuse to do so,
that we would have been made so loving
if not meant to love and be loved.

Hell is other people,
is the hell in the hurt –
from ignorance,
intent, or ambivalence,

Or in the absence

of loving,
of time,
anyone, sometimes?

Of having known heaven,
a little bit,
then living without it?

Is it from our own expectations?

I should hope
but never expect

it is one hell of a wait,
at times.



Hello, and Happy New Week!
Yes, we’re all striving, and we all want Love. If you’re not currently “in love” then you are not alone (see poem above). Hey we keep hoping. To every thing there is a season.
And – this is important – if you are in love or in a relationship, just a little reminder:
do not take that for granted; nurture it, be kind, be loving.    
Love,   ~ Peri

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3 Responses to In the waiting . . .

  1. Ali Grimshaw says:

    I really like the first stanza of this and the idea of being made loving because we are meant to love. Have a beautiful day.

    Liked by 1 person

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