Look at it this way . . .

The exact same photo may be viewed various ways,
as with many things in life.

Look on the bright side, whenever you can : )







I like this photo. Ever since I was a little girl, looking at the world reflected in a puddle was intriguing to me, and beautiful.

Have a lovely week.  Stay healthy, safe, and happy!

~ Peri


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Regarding mothers . . .

Regarding mothers
it helps to remember
humans were not made to be perfect,
no matter how much love and
she showered upon you
no matter all the stories you were read before bedtime
the lullabyes, the hugs held
all the fevers eased
the meals the cookies
the rides the cheering
the walks in the park
the little lessons in sharing
the playground the wanderings
the waves at the shore
and laughter
and words
though not perfect,
it was as meant to be
and no one
could have been more perfect
for you, nor my mother for me —
this I remind myself
when sifting through the thick files
of memory.

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Late Spring . . .

Spring arrives late
to the party,
in ruffled splendor
her crinolines sweep,
blossoms light pink
to deep

as if
a grand entrance
makes up for being so late
to an end-of-winter

as if a soft breeze
of floral perfume
prompts intoxication
enough to forget

and forgive —

best to listen to the birds
flitting with song and cheer
who say
Ah all is forgiven,
just thank the Lord

Spring is here!



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These days in the neighborhood . . . (a poem for the times #7)

When I walk along the sidewalks
past porches,
even unfamiliar neighbors call out and hold me there
extending our chat
with cheer
question after question

from a distance.

How are you? How are you?
has never been so hard to answer

I learn of sprained ankles in air casts,
planters full of dahlias that will be white,
dogs that look like twins
but are not even related,
a whole basement of kids’ toys
at the curb
and a dozen bags of discarded clothing
if I care for any

the Balkan bakery is still open
but only until two
and one person at a time

and no cash is accepted at the corner deli,
they’re out of steak subs
but the grilled chicken is good especially with hot peppers if you care to try it.

I understand
these conversational longings,
the bursting at the seams,

for we are social beings


their homes are similar to mine,
islands in a vast archipelago
too quiet
with induced provinciality

devoid of in-person conversation with any outside inhabitants
and totally lacking
all friendly spontaneity

alas, nothing seems completely

yet we try:

Screen to screen
a learned endurance we stretch
to see and to be seen,

look out our windows
and welcome the sky,
to momentarily cure
grateful for
its various ways amidst
so many
interminable days

a bird or two
fly by

but no one has birdseed left

in my neighborhood —

we ourselves get by
on a wing and a prayer
and a sigh

these days.



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Why I am alone . . .

When alone, you never envision More alone;
alone means with no other person
and yet
inexplicably there is 
more alone,


I wanted to explain
when he called
but he talked on
and on
braised lamb dinners with wine
ski vacations in the mountains
concerts and shows I should
know —

all so far removed
from where I stood
that I left it
and merely listened
though could not well tolerate
the smell of lamb
even in my mind.


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Park . . . (a poem for the times #6)

The park shouldn’t know the difference
these days
but it does

trampled paths
deep tire ruts
bundles of brush
the staff on hiatus

has left a hush —

Weariness pervades

the tattered hems
of my city


I hear the birds sing.


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Ants . . .

I remember the ants
in the dirt along the driveway
sped scurrying beneath the young privet hedge
hurrying amber in the sun —

try to follow just one

undaunted running over obstacles
pebbles grass twigs

from silt-trickled mounds emerging
tiny superhero

floated across puddles on leaves
knowing – how knowing? –
to stay clear of the water

who could understand this crouching interest
near obsession in the summer sun —
only one who could empathize

with the heft
of a larger world upon each individual,
the vastness of the universe,
the micro
of each soul.

This poem is the second in a series, Lessons from Childhood; the first is here.


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in stead . . .

i held the petal
like satin it felt
like richly-colored fabric
it shone
i carried it home
damp and limp
i did not give it to her
nor show it in shame
but remembered —

never to disassemble flowers
even if
one small petal
beauty enough.


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Company. . . a poem for the times #5

Out the window 
I meant only to check the weather:
perhaps the rain had let up
perhaps the sky had blued

but the first
the very first thing
that caught my eye
was a dash of red
in the still-bare tree
three yards over

and then
the familiar song

pointed and strong!

My entire self
cheered for the company
of the little
bird in a tree,
which goes to show
how dire alone can be
I suppose
and also
we are never
as alone
as we may sometimes think:

the blue sky
seemed to wink in the sun,

the cardinal stayed

and sang.

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Light reading: a li’l game, because Heaven Knows, Earth is Heavy Enough!

Choose your favorite Skyscape, see what it may tell you about yourself! 

Nothing scientific or conclusive here, just a bit of fun for our heavy minds!

A couple of days ago, I posted a poem, with photos, about the beauty of the Sky and the solace to be found in gazing at it.

I’ve studied several of the photos as if they were paintings, each beautiful in its own way.  Then, I applied these attributes and qualities to personalities. (Brief occupation for a socially-distanced mind!)

So: pick your favorite photo (by #, bottom left) then scroll down to read about it, and maybe yourself!







Remember not to take this too seriously; it’s all in good fun!

1. You are graceful and romantic, a true lover of beauty. You are sensitive and feel things deeply. You are loving and caring to those who deserve your deep feelings, and wary of those who are selfish and might trample your tender heart.

2. You may appear professional on the outside, but just because you appreciate an order to things doesn’t mean you don’t also like fun times, superhero or action movies, gaming or graphic novels, and sports of all sorts. You have an eye for design, and you’re the kind of person who can do whatever you set your mind to do. You are admired by your friends, family, and co-workers.

3. You are bright, warm, and friendly. Simple pleasures are the best: a day at the beach, a stroll or run along the sand, a swim, or a day hiking or puttering outside in the garden or around the house. If there’s an opportunity for a vacation especially to a tropical place, you’re game. If not, no worries:  your weekend will be fun anyway, and if family or friend(s) can join in your festivities or meet up afterwards, that will prompt your sunny smile. All will enjoy your jokes or happy stories, too.

4. You like to read, non-fiction at times, too. You are an individual, you’re smart and insightful, you see beauty in unexpected places and are fine enjoying your own excellent company, at least some of the time. You like the water, have a fondness for animals, and you like to travel. A weekend camping or at a cabin with forest or water views would be a wonderful getaway.

5.  You are subtle and discerning. You’re a peaceful person at heart, and you’d prefer for life to be that way. You appreciate the complexities of life but know to balance those with quiet times for reflection and unwinding, too. You are wise, but understated: you keep a lot of that wisdom inside.  You may need a reminder now and then that it is ok to share the burdens and dark times too, along the interesting road of your life.

6. No matter how rainy or cloudy the day, you also see the beauty in it, like the Heart in this stormy skyscape. You are an optimist, your cup is half full (never half empty) no matter what is going on. You’re caring, devoted to the people (and pets, if you have them) in your life. You are thoughtful, a thinker, very bright. You can be quite selflessly giving, so be sure to take care of yourself, too!


Thank you for playing along! Stay safe & healthy, take good care of your beautiful self, and have a happy week ahead!

Remember to add a little fun or lightness here and there, no matter what else is going on, because heaven knows earth is heavy enough these days.
: ) 

~ Peri


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